Internet strategy is a set of methodologies used for marketing and customer engagement by means of web presence. It is your road-map in completing your web presence goals.

Internet strategy starts with the questions like "Do I actually need to go online?", "How much effort and funds needed to promote my business in the internet?", "Should I use Social Media channels along with the website?", "How do I reach all those potential customers who surf web everyday?" and so on.

The above basic questions are followed by more advanced mysteries: "How can I increase my market share among online competitors?", "What devices and platforms should be supported by my web application?", "Can I integrate my existing business applications with the new website?", etc.

So, what we can do for you is to answer your questions and raise those you have missed. We can bring dark and hidden areas to light. Study feasibility and necessity of future steps for you, with you.

Our Process

Building a web application is a great piece of work. It can be smooth when planned well and can be a nightmare when proper planning neglected. We experienced both, so we give it a great importance and do our best to plan everything down to the needed details to avoid issues later on.

During this phase we design future application, sketch its shape and character. The outcome of this stage is usually a prototype that is POC (Proof Of Concept) that we can build a proper solution and it will function as planned.

Here we turn into sleepless ants and give all our energy to raise the colony. This phase is to "inflate" and enhance prototype over and over again until it becomes a complete solution.

In this phase we test-drive and try to identify issues with our vehicle. If found we get back to development and then return again to testing. And we do this until our product shines like a star. Testing always done together with the client to ensure his/her expectations are met.

When tested, our application goes live. Usually in two steps: soft launch and official launch. Soft launch will result in access to your solution by limited audience to ease final touches. Official launch will expose your application to all your customers and usually accompanied by advertising through selected marketing channels.

Support is a set of post go-live activities needed to ensure your solution is up and running without issues. It includes performance monitoring, software updating, backups and improvements if required.